Alpha-ketoglutaric Acid

α-Ketoglutaric acid, alpha-ketoglutaric acid is an important biological compound manufactured by bio-enzyme method in Shandong yangcheng biotech. 2-ketoglutaric acid, 2-oxoglutaric acid is of high purity. We would like to declare that this product supplied by us is suitable for Kosher and...
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Product Information

  • α-Ketoglutaric acid( also named alpha-ketoglutaric acid) is an important biological compound manufactured by bio-enzyme method in Shandong yangcheng biotech. Please check the file attached( ROS for AKG).

  • α-Ketoglutaric acid ( alias: 2-ketoglutaric acid, 2-oxoglutaric acid) is of high purity, more than 99.0%. We would like to declare that this product supplied by us is suitable for Kosher and ISO9001. And Shandong Yangcheng has sufficient capacity to produce this product, more than 50 tons per month.


alpha-ketoglutaric acid function

  • 1. Alpha-ketoglutaric acid is the one of two ketone derivatives of glutaric acid and is the intermediate(TCA cycle ) combining with ammonia to form glutamic acid.


  • Glutamic acid can be turn to glutamine.  There is a reversible reaction between glutamic acid and glutamine, but enzymes is different. When glutamic acid turn to glutamine, glutamine synthetase(GS) plays a role; When glutamine turn to glutamic acid, glutaminase plays a role.

gln and glu.jpg

  • 2. On the other side, alpha-ketoglutaric acid can help to prevent nitrogen overload, combining with nitrogen released in the cell. 

alpha-ketoglutaric acid usage

  • Alpha-ketoglutaric acid is mainly used as the component of sports nutrition drink as one of the food additives. It’s sold as a dietary supplement, marketed as AKG or A-KG and sold to fitness enthusiasts or bodybuilders. 

  • L-arginine-alpha-ketoglutaric acid (AAKG) is an amino acid salt formed by L-arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid via the complexation, which can also be used as food additives added in sports nutrition drink. AAKG has the physiological function both of L-arginine and alpha glutaric acid, which can be used in clinical practice as a functional nutritional fortifier and drug to protect liver.

Basic introduction

                                              alpha-ketoglutaric acid(AKG)


alpha-ketoglutaric acid, 2-ketoglutaric acid, 2-oxoglutaric acid, 2-oxopentanedioic acid










White to slightly yellow crystalline Powder


Pharmaceutical Intermediates


1) Soluble in water, methanol and dimethyl sulfoxide, extremely insoluble in ether;  

2) Becomes grayish yellow when Long storage; deliquescent.


 Pharmaceutical intermediate, pharm raw material; Food Additives(AKG or AAKG)



Test method




Water solubility


Melting point

113-115 °C

Production method

Bio-enzyme method

Who we are








Specification sheet


Packaging & Delivery

Packing Item

Net weight/KG

plastic bag





plastic woven bags




25 or more

Cardboard barrel




25 or more

Or according to your requirements



Delivery Details

1) in 3~5 days after confirmation;

2) or in 24 hours, if we get the product order and total payment;

Shipment Details

1) If the quantity is less than 50KGS, it will be delivered to you by express, such as DHL, EMS and Fedex, or as you required.

2) If the quantity is about 50~1000KGS, we choose Air shipment, Sea shipment, or as you required; and the delivery will be sent safely to you as soon as possible.

3) If the quantity is more than 1000KGS, we choose Sea shipment, and the product will be sent safely to you as soon as possible.

Quality Regarding

Systematized Chart Regarding Quality


  • The strict quality control system has been established in Shandong yangcheng Biotech co.,Ltd.

  • And the complete  sale service gives further guarantee, making sure that the quality of the products and service completely. 

  • As the quality control of products of other products(N-acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Tyramine, Tyramine Hcl, Beta-alanine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, ect.) ,  this product A-KG is also suitable for your usage and meet your requirement. 

Why choose our products

  • Quality assurance

As stated above, we are manufacturer who have put focus on the quality of products. With years of continuous research development, experience, advanced technology, we are sure that the products manufactured by Shandong Yangcheng Biotech can fully meet your requirements. And many customers of us is satisfied with our products and our service, and of course, we will do better .

  • Safe transportation

Once we get the product order from you, we will contact our forwarding companies which have had long term cooperation with us at once.

  • Product is from independent research and development

Our products are all from biological method or fermentation method, which ensures that we did not be effected by environmental factors. We have sufficient production capacity to continuously provide these products. We absolutely guarantee that you can very safely purchase our products.

Welcome to Yangcheng 

  • Our factory in Juancheng county, shandong province, China, has gone into operation since the year of 2009.

  • L-Tyrosine, Tyramine, Tyramine Hcl, N-acetyl-L-tyromine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, Beta-alanine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid,ect have been successfully  developed and put into production one by one, and we never stop researching and developing. Choose us and you will never regret.

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