L-theanine Fermentation

L-theanine Fermentation

L- theanine CAS 3081-61-6,is manufactured with fermentation process, high purity
Product description

L- Theanine(Fermentation)


L- Theanine








White crystals or crystalline powder


1. Food additives

2. Food and Drink for health care

3. Pharmaceutical raw materials


25 kgs/drum


Sealed storage, store at RT.

Place in a cool and dry environment, keep away from fire and heat.

What is L-Theanine?

In green tea, L- theanine accounts for 40% of free amino acids. and it is with sweet taste. L-Theanine is also named N-ethyl-L-glutamine, a gamma-ethylamide of glutamic acid, so it is similar to glutamic acid and glutamic acid, which are active substances in the brain.

How L-Tyrosine is synthesized?

(1) It exists in tea-leaves and can be obtained from many tea-leaves, but the purity is not high and the appearance is light yellow. 

(2) L- theanine can be synthetized with ethylamine and ketopyrrolidine.

(3) L- theanine can be fermented with Glucose

We, Shandong Yangcheng biotech., Co.,Ltd use fermented method manufacturing L-Theanine, which is of high purity, low cost and is environmental friendly. 


(1) Effect on the emotion

Theanine can significantly promote the release of dopamine in the brain center and improve the physiological activity of dopamine in the brain. It directly affects the activity of 5-hydroxytryptamine(5-HT), a central neurotransmitter related to learning and memory.

(2) Effect on Lowering blood pressure

The effect of lowering blood pressure comes from regulating the secretory capacity of 5-hydroxytryptamine(5-HT), which is seen as a stabilizing effect that helps to recover from physical and mental fatigue.

(3) Effect on memory

The advantages of fermented L- Theanine

High yield, low cost; More resources; Safety, environmental protection; Sustainable development; Higher purity, lower heavy metals.

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