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A reasonable selection of amino acids and peptide fertilizers
Sep 01, 2017

Amino acids are part of the protein, it can synthetic peptide, and protein synthesis; in turn, the animal and plant protein rich wastes such as leather, hair and beans and other organic wastes, through chemical hydrolysis or fermentation, and can be made into amino acids and peptides fertilizer.

Amino acid fertilizer, in which amino acids are mixed with calcium, trace elements and other preparations, and concentrated water soluble fertilizer is mainly used as amino acid foliar fertilizer. Technical standard of Ministry of agriculture (NY1106 - 2006), free amino acid content of trace element type water soluble fertilizer containing amino acid, solid and liquid products of not less than 10% and 100g/L respectively; the total content of at least two kinds of trace elements of not less than 2% and 20g/L respectively; the content of insoluble matter is less than 2% and 50g/L respectively. Calcium containing water soluble fertilizer containing amino acids, there are two kinds of solid products and liquid products, the indicators and trace elements of the same type, only the content of calcium, solid products and liquid products are not less than 3% and 30g/L.

In the application of amino acid fertilizer mainly as foliar fertilizer, can also be used for seed soaking, seed dressing and seedling root dipping. In dilute solution soaking for 6 ~ 8 hours, remove and dry after sowing; seed dressing with dilution liquid spraying seed surface, placed 6 hours after seeding. For specific dilution concentrations and methods of operation, refer to the product manual.

Peptide fertilizer peptides are proteins that degrade into amino acids, or have amino acids, which are intermediates in the synthesis of proteins, i.e., polymers of amino acids. For example, the so-called polypeptide synergist fertilizer is made by adding water-soluble polypeptide poly - aspartic acid into the fertilizer by a certain process. Polyaspartic acid (SASP) can be artificially synthesized, and its natural substances are found in the slime of shellfish. Practice has shown that polypeptide fertilizer has significant yield increasing effect. Again, by the Australian R & D, domestic manufacturers have been produced polypeptide synergistic urea, that is, in the modern urea production process to add metal protease and made. Metalloproteinase is a proteolytic enzyme containing metal ions, and rely on these ions catalyzed the hydrolysis of peptide bonds, non-toxic, biodegradable, not only containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other nutrients can also be activated, helps get rid of soil compaction.

At present, the domestic polypeptide fertilizer is under development, and there is no national or industrial technical standards. The application method should refer to the product manual, and the effect size should be based on actual results.

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