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Can alpha ketoglutaric acid be decomposed?
Apr 28, 2018

Can alpha ketoglutaric acid be decomposed?

Yesterday, I got an email from a Korean friend, he or she asked me whether alpha ketoglutaric acid can be decomposed.

As is known, alpha ketoglutaric acid is stable when it is solid form. 

When it is in aqueous solution after long time storage, it will turn to succinic acid due to oxidative decarboxylation.

At present, We manufacture alpha ketoglutaric acid with bio-enzyme method. and the product is stored in two sealed PE bags and packed in paper-drums. It is well placed in a cool and dry environment, keep away from fire and heat.

Besides, it would be used as food additives and nutritional enhancer,eg. AKG, AAKG, also it can be used as API intermediate.

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