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Characteristics of soybean meal hydrolase
Sep 01, 2017

Soybean resources are abundant in China, and the development and processing of soybean products will be the most important part of protein engineering. Soybean meal, a byproduct of soybean oil extraction, is a high quality protein source with a crude protein content of 43-46% and a rich variety of amino acids. Soybean meal is the most widely used in cottonseed meal, peanut meal, sesame meal and palm oil meal. It can be widely used in poultry, pig, dairy farming, pet food and aquaculture industry. Our company is a special enzyme hydrolysis of soybean meal and the study of special proteolytic enzymes issued according to different raw materials and processing technology of soybean, which is mainly composed of enzyme, peptidase and flavor enzyme etc., the soybean protein hydrolysis into peptone, peptides and amino acids, the molecular weight of the protein is reduced, thereby improving the solubility and emulsification and foaming, improve the nutritional value, enlarge the application field of plant protein.

[scope of application]

1, soybean protein hydrolysis to prepare peptone.

2. The vegetable protein feed was prepared by hydrolysis of soybean meal, cottonseed meal, peanut meal and rapeseed meal.

3, the hydrolysis of soybean meal to prepare vegetable protein powder (HVP).

4. Production of compound amino acid flavoring liquid and production of vegetable protein beverage.

5, soybean lecithin production.

[characteristics of hydrolysis of soybean meal]

1, complete hydrolysis, protein utilization rate is greater than 85%.

2, hydrolysis products without bitterness, sauce rich flavor, mellow taste.

3. Hydrolysis products are safe and hygienic, without harmful substances such as three chloro propanol.

4, the hydrolysis product of amino nitrogen is more than 2.5%, more than 9.5% of total nitrogen.

5, hydrolysis products completely dissolved in water, light color.

6, mild reaction conditions, safety and health, high utilization of equipment.

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