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D aspartic acid supplement and side effect
Mar 09, 2018

1. What is D-AA?

D Aspartic Acid (DAA) is an essential amino acid, also is called the building blocks of life. D Aspartic Acid is formed when an enzyme called Aspartate Racemase converts it the testes. 

2. What is D-AA used for?

The supplements market is more flooded than ever with so called testosterone boosters. While many of them are frauds, there are some that are based on sound scientific principles.

One of the major differences between DAA and many other testosterone supplements in the market is that it has been proven to be clinically effective. This means that there have been scientific experiment have proved that it is indeed effective in enhancing levels of testosterone in men.

DAA can also be very effective for men who are trying to build muscle. Muscle and fat growth in men is linked directly to testosterone levels the higher they are the better men are able to build muscle. When combined with other supplements like folic acid and Vitamins B6 and B12, men were able to get their testosterone levels high enough in just 12 days after which they could begin intense body building activity.

In some cases, DAA is used to maintain muscle mass. If a man has been actively training they develop muscle. If, however, they were to suddenly stop, the lowered production of testosterone can lead to muscle collapse. Soon, their body simply sags. If they want to keep up the muscle mass they might resort to very high protein diets but since these are not always practical a supplement like DAA comes in very handy with just a few milligrams a day they are able to maintain the muscle mass that they had previously acquired. It should be noted, though, that this is not a long term solution for maintaining muscle. To keep going one has to resort to body building once more.

3. D Aspartic Acid Side Effects

The way you take D Aspartic Acid will determine whether or not you suffer side effects. If you take it in the recommended dosage you will not suffer any side effects. The problem is that most men get over-zealous. They think that if they take more DAA they will have more testosterone. This is not true instead, they may experience some or all of the following side effects: for example, more acne than normal, Headaches, Mood swings, ect.

It is also important to check the level of purity of the DAA that you buy. Many brands are packed with filler (chemicals to make them last) and this is what is responsible for side effects like headaches. If you buy brands that are renowned for keeping their supplements pure and then take them in the correct dosage you should not experience any adverse effects.

4. Conclusion for D Aspartic Acid Side?

D Aspartic Acid is a great supplement that increases testosterone levels in men and that can help them become muscular faster. That said, you have to follow dosage carefully and avoid overuse. D Aspartic Acid has many great benefits but there are also some side effects. Just be thoughtful in how you use it.

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