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The application of GABA( 4-Aminobutyric Acid )
Nov 04, 2017

The application of GABA is wide, and is as the followings:

1) Applied in medicine and health

  (1)4-Aminobutyric Acid is good for brain health. 

  Gamma aminobutyric acid provides another way (GABASHUNT) for three carboxy glutamic acid cycle(TCA cycle). So  GABA can effectively improve the cerebral blood circulation, increase the oxygen supply, promote the metabolism of the brain. So GABA can be used in the treatment for stroke, head trauma sequela, cerebral arteriosclerosis sequelae caused by headache, tinnitus, confusion and other symptoms. And GABA also paly s an important role in improving the function of liver and kidney.

 (2) Lowering blood pressure

  Here is the mechanism of action. Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) can promote brain blood flow, increase the oxygen supply, promote brain metabolism. On the other side, Gaba can inhibit the secretion of antidiuretic hormone, dilate blood vessels, reduce blood pressure.

 (3) Promote the secretion of growth hormone of children, GABA has the potential to activate athletes function and plays a nutritional role in the development of the nervous system, is a neurotrophic factor.   

 (4) Treat epilepsy. when the body lacks GABA, one may easily happen to get epilepsy.

 (5) Improve lipid metabolism, prevent atherosclerosis function, can be used as a clinical improvement to improve hyperlipidemia and prevent obesity.

 (6)The function of sober up.

 (7)To prevent skin aging and remove body odor.

  (8) As the tast of glutamic acid, GABA can enhance the flavor of food; Ect。

2)the application in feed field

  (1)GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, can inhibit the activity of animal, reduce energy consumption. 

   Here is the mechanism of action. GABA is a strong inhibitory amino acid, which has the physiological function of sedation, hypnosis, anti convulsion and lowering blood pressure.

  (2)Gamma aminobutyric acid can promote the secretion of gastric juice and growth hormone,increasing the growth rate and feed intake.

         GABA can also stimulate the feeding center of animals, and increase the feed intake.

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