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Is histidine hydrochloride available for long periods of time?
Sep 01, 2017

Histidine hydrochloride for the food industry, is one of the important components of protein, the body can not own synthesis but it is very necessary one of the eight amino acids, is an excellent food fortifier. Because of the lack of histidine in food, so also known as "the first essential amino acids." The addition of histidine to drinks, rice, flour, canned food can improve the utilization of protein, thus greatly strengthening the food nutrition, play to promote growth and development, increase appetite, reduce disease, enhance the role of physical fitness for canned In the role of deodorant preservation. Therefore, histidine hydrochloride can be eaten for a long time.

Transportation and Storage

Light loading and unloading, moisture sunscreen, can not be mixed with toxic and hazardous materials. Store in a dry, clean, cool place, sealed container.

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