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Methods for producing beta-alanine
Nov 04, 2017

There are three major methods of producing beta-alanine, Chemical synthesis, biological enzymes and hydrolysis.

1. Acrylonitrile with ammonia in two aniline and tert butanol solution reaction, generating beta aminopropionitrile, then alkali solution to. In the drying autoclave, acrylonitrile, two aniline and tert butyl alcohol are added in sequence, stirring 5min, adding liquid ammonia, controlling temperature 100-109 DEG C, pressure is about 1MPa, and heat preservation is stirred 4h. As cold as 10 degrees, stop stirring when the pressure drops below normal. In 65-70 / C (8.0-14.7kPa), vacuum recovery of TERT butanol, crude aminopropionitrile, crude and vacuum distillation, collecting 66-105 C / (1.33-4.0kPa) fractions to beta aminopropionitrile. Alkali solution operation is performed in the reaction tank, first put into liquid, control temperature 90-95 deg.c stirring slowly dropping aminopropionitrile, plus Albert, insulation 1h. Reduce evaporation for half an hour, remove ammonia from the reaction fluid, add some water, and add hydrochloric acid to pH7-7.2. To remove a small amount of insoluble impurities. The filtrate is decompressed and concentrated to a large amount of solid precipitation. When the material is hot, the temperature is reduced to 10 DEG C, filtered and dried in vacuum to obtain the alanine. The consumption per ton of product beta aminopropionitrile 982kg, alkaline hydrolysis yield of 90% stages.

2. by succinimide degradation (Khodorkovsky reaction) and alkaline sodium hypochlorite solution (containing 14% sodium hypochlorite, 8% sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate and ice 30%) into the reaction tank, stirring at 18-25 deg.c for reaction of succinimide, 0.5H. Heating up to 40-50 1h. Add hydrochloric acid adjust to pH4-5, decompress concentration. After the cooling of the concentrate, 3 times the amount of 95% ethanol, make the inorganic salt out, filter, repeat 1 times. The filtrate was then diluted with 4 times the amount of distilled water and returned to 1h. With activated carbon decolorization and filtration, filtrate exchange resin exchange. The exchange solution was activated with activated carbon for decolorization, filtration, filtrate reduction, concentration, cooling, crystallization, filtration, recrystallization with distilled water 1 times, and beta alanine.

3. beta aminopropionitrile from beta aminopropionitrile via hydrolysis, acidification and.

4. can be hydrolyzed by sericin, gelatin, corn and other proteins, refined and obtained. Can also be synthesized by chemical methods.

5. system method:

In the reaction flask equipped with stirrer, thermometer, reflux condenser, adding 30% sodium hydroxide solution 1000g, stirring and heating to 90 to 95 DEG C, slowly adding beta aminoproprionitrile (2) 500g (7.14mol), after adding to the reaction of 2h. Ammonia extracted by decompression. Add proper amount of water, adjust the hydrochloric acid to pH7 ~ 7.2, and filtrate the insoluble matter. The filtrate is decompressed and concentrated, until the formation of solid cooling to 10 DEG, filtering, vacuum drying, to alanine (1), the yield of 90%.

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