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The relation between tyrosinase and L tyrosine
Sep 01, 2017

Tyrosinase is the only known enzyme in the metabolism of melanin. It is a copper containing metal enzyme, which is synthesized by melanocytes.

Tyrosinase plays a pivotal role in the production of melanin. Tyrosinase activity increases, the production of melanin will be more; tyrosinase activity is inhibited, melanocytes production of melanin will be reduced accordingly. Tyrosinase is the key to control the activity of melanocytes, which determines the rate of melanin synthesis. Tyrosinase activity increases or disorder, will occur pigment disease, which may be an important antigen of autoimmunity in vitiligo. Tyrosinase antibodies may be an indicator of the activity of vitiligo.


Tyrosine, a white crystalline powder, found in casein by Li Biqi in 1846, andis crystallized needle or flake in water. The natural tyrosine is the levo body, L-Tyrosine, which can be hydrolyzed and refined from protein. Maillard reaction that is a reaction between a carbonyl compound (reducing sugars) and an amino compound (amino acids and proteins) at heating condition. L-Tyrosine with sugars yields a specific flavor.

L- tyrosine properties

Melting point

300℃ (Dec.) (lit.)

Specific rotation

-11.65º (C=5 DIL HCL/H2O, 50/50)



Refractive index

-12º (C=5, 1mol/L,   HCl)

Flash point   



1 M HCl: 25 mg/mL

Water solubility

0.45 g/L (25℃)


White to Pale-brown     

pH value

6.5 (0.1g/l, H2O)

Storage conditions

Store at RT.


Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, strong reducing agents.

L-Tyrosine that is a Non essential amino acid plays an important role in human and animal metabolism, growth and development, and is widely used in food, feed, medicine and chemical industries. It is often used as a nutritional supplement for patients with phenylketonuria, as well as the preparation of peptides, hormones, antibiotics, L- dopa, melanin, hydroxy cinnamic acid, hydroxyl styrene and other pharmaceutical and chemical products. With more high value-added L- tyrosine derivatives such as Danshensu, resveratrol and hydroxyl alcohols found in vivo, L- tyrosine is increasingly developing toward platform type compounds.          

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