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What are the effects of amino acid fertilizers?
Sep 01, 2017

Amino acids are the most basic substances that constitute biological proteins and are related to life activities. They are the basic units of protein molecules in organisms, and are closely related to biological life activities. It has special physiological function in the antibody, and is one of the essential nutrients in the organism.

The general formula of amino acids: amino acids are organic compounds with amino groups and amino acids attached to the carboxyl group.

Application of amino acid fertilizer in agriculture

Amino acid fertilizer is based on plant amino acids as substrates, maintaining the ability to exploit its high surface activity and adsorption, with plant growth to nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum and boron), organic and inorganic compound formed by chelating and complexation. This fertilizer can not only maintain the slow release and utilization of a large number of elements, but also ensure the stability and long term effect of trace elements. It has the good function of enhancing plant respiration, improving plant oxidation and reduction process and promoting plant metabolism.

It can promote the formation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll, and promote and activate the physiological and biochemical processes such as activity of oxide, activity of enzymes, germination of seeds, absorption of nutrients and development of root system. In particular, its affinity to plants is comparable to that of any other substance. The effect of amino acid fertilizer organic fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, the available long-term bio fertilizer and fertilizer synergistic stabilizing effect as a whole. This article mainly discusses the application of amino acid in this fertilizer in agriculture.

Amino acids can improve the soil

Promote the formation of soil aggregates: soil aggregates are the basic unit of soil structure. The use of amino acid, can change the physicochemical properties of soil salt is too high, too strong alkaline soil, highly dispersed, bad soil structure, promote the formation of soil aggregates, application of amino acid, soil bulk density decreased, soil total porosity and water holding capacity increased, help to improve water and fertilizer retention capacity of soil. In order to create good conditions for the growth and development of plant roots.

Effects of amino acids on soil microbial flora and enzyme activities

Soil microorganism is one of the important reasons of soil composition in the transformation of soil organic and inorganic substances, recycling of nutrients; less bioactive substances and plant life activities, the formation of the enzyme has an important influence. Amino acids can promote soil microbial activity, increased the number of soil microorganism, soil enzyme activity was strengthened, a large number of domestic and foreign research data confirmed that the number of amino acids can make the application of aerobic bacteria, actinomycetes, cellulolytic bacteria increased. It is beneficial to accelerate the mineralization of organic matters and promote the release of nutrient elements.

Amino acids have synergistic effects on chemical fertilizers

With the rapid development of chemical industry, production and application of chemical fertilizer quantity increasing, increasing fertilizer development on agricultural production plays an important role, but with the increase of the amount of chemical fertilizer, raising the cost of investment, reduce the use rate of fertilizer, but also gradually reflected.

According to the monitoring by the Ministry of agriculture, the average utilization rate of wheat, nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizer was 32%, 19% and 44% at the same time, and the average utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer was 32%, 25% and 43% respectively. How to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer has become a research topic of great importance all over the world. There are many ways to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer. At present, the most effective way is to add amino acids, and enhance the chemical activity and biological activity of chemical combination, adsorption, chelation, microbial propagation and so on, so as to effectively improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.

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