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Booth No.W4F16,20th-22 June 2018 Shanghai
Jun 18, 2018

2018 World Pharmaceutical Ingredients China Exhibition CPhI Shanghai 2018

Time: 20-22th June 2018

Address:  Shanghai New International Expo, Shanghai, China

Booth No. W4F16, Shandong Yangcheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., sincerely welcome you to come.

There are many kinds of products , eg

API: vitamins, hormones, sulfonamides, antipyretic analgesics, narcotic drugs, tetracycline, amino acids and their derivatives, chloramphenicol, digestive system drugs, other anti infection, penicillins, aminoglycosides, lincomycin, cardiovascular systems, antiparasites, cephalosporins, macrocyclic Lactone, respiratory medicine, central nervous system drugs, and other Western medicines.

Intermediates and fine chemicals: pharmaceutical intermediates, fine chemicals

Excipients and dosage forms: excipient, flux, enteric material, antioxidant, sweetener, antiseptic, antiseptic, disintegrating agent, coating material, surfactant, shading agent, essence, filter aid, stabilizer, lubricant, plasticizer, solvent, flavoring agent, colorant, clarifier, PH regulator, etc.

Natural extract: plant extract, animal extract, Chinese medicine raw material, functional food raw material, health product raw material, nutritional health material raw material, supplement, dietary fiber, cosmetic and cosmetic raw material

Biological products: antibody, nucleic acid / protein synthesis, vector and construction, cell biological detection, animal / plant, protein / antigen, polypeptide, nucleic acid analysis, library and construction, biochemistry, standard, control, protein detection, nucleic acid detection, cloning and expression, chemical reagents, microorganism, protein analysis, nuclear Acid purification, expression, immunoassay, protein purification, DNA and synthesis and purification, cells, clinical detection reagents, protein modification, RNAi technology, stem cells, test reagents, enzyme, PCR/RT-PCR, cell culture, drug screening, etc.

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