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Fermentation Of Amino Acid Reduces The Utilization Of National Resource
Jan 28, 2018

The use of microbial fermentation to produce amino acid products is a technical option to reduce the utilization of national resource.

At the very beginning when there is no fermerntation method, amino acid were separated in the extraction process of the protein hydrolysis. There is many neutral amino acid molecules that can not be separated, because their physical and chemical properties are very similar or even equal. Then Microbial fermentation method for producing amino acid products is popular.  

The production practice for many years, many of the drawbacks of the method is obvious, such as huge investment, a single product, not supporting sales, ect. But there is also many advantage, you've never thought about, such as no production and emission of toxic and harmful substances, environment-friendly, sustainable development, source cleanliness. And non-animal source product is more be accepted by vegetarian, ect.

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