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L-histidine Production Process
Sep 01, 2017

The production process for L-Histidine is as followings :

One enrichment section at a time

Raw material: primary mother liquor (the product of the first neutralization stage in cystine production)

Accessories: steam

Once a mother liquor is passed into a concentration tank, the steam is injected, the temperature is 120, the pressure is -0.09 Mpa, the concentration time is 6h, the crystallization is filtered.

End product: crystallization liquid (once decoloring section) crystal, (NH4CL) recycle

Two, one decolorization section

Accessories: activated carbon, pure water

The crystallization liquid enters a decoloration tank, which is put into (activated) carbon, purified water, temperature 70, decoloration time 2h, filtered

End product: 1, filter residue (recycling) 2, solution (go to the upper column section)

Three, upper column section

Accessories: cation exchange resin, pure water, 0.1mol/L ammonia water

The solution into a cation exchange column within (flow 500L/h), column volume: 100kg/2 column, the column after washing, quantitative, pure water consumption is the times of column volume, after washing solution with 0.1mol/L ammonia solution and collected to second column outflow Pauly reaction liquid are histidine only.

End product: histidine collection solution (to concentrate, to catch ammonia)

Four, concentrated ammonia drive section

Accessories: pure water

Histidine collection liquid Yong high efficiency film concentrate to viscous form, plus pure water appropriate dilution, discharge,

End product: concentrated dilution (de bleaching)

Five, decolorization section

Accessories: 6mol/L's HCL

Concentrated dilute liquid Yong 6mol/L, HCL, PH7.5, plus activated carbon decolorization, plate and frame pressure filtration, filtrate pump, pump into the concentration pan

End product: 1, decoloration filtrate (to condense crystallization section)

Six, concentrated crystallization section

Concentrated liquid in concentrated pot, at 80-90 degrees, vacuum concentration to a large number of crystallization appear, discharge, cold analysis, centrifugal collection of histidine, that is, histidine crude products, mother liquor recycling, reuse.

Seven, refining section

His crude water temperature to 70 degrees, the correction value of Ph with activated carbon decolorization, stirring 1H, decolorization rate of light transmittance to reach more than 99%, filtrated, the filtrate after ultrafiltration, with pump into the concentrated pan, in high vacuum, 80-90 degrees Celsius, concentrated to has a large number of crystallization, discharge crystallization, centrifugal, collection of histidine, namely histidine boutique, liquor recycling, reuse.

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