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The Effect And Function Of Amino Acids
Sep 01, 2017

Amino acids are important substances that make up the brain, and the content of amino acids is over 90%. Modern biological studies have found that the reason why a person is intelligent and intelligent is inseparable from his great brain. In the process of evolution, people have mastered the ability to obtain protein (amino acids), so they have developed brains and high intelligence quotient, which gradually dominate the world.

Experiments show that the number of amino acids in the brain, determine the person's intelligence and memory of brain, improve memory is the key amino acid nutrition supplement. In addition, amino acids have the following effects and effects:

1, eliminate fatigue, keep energetic, improve sub-health status

Tryptophan can relieve stress, avoid depression and anxiety, stabilize mood and maintain energy.

2, improve sleep quality

Tryptophan has the effect of promoting sleep, and has the reputation of "natural sleeping pills".

3, improve immunity

Amino acids are the basic material of human immune system, the quality and quantity of amino acids, and is closely related to the function of the immune system strength, tryptophan, phenylalanine, lysine is generated antibodies necessary raw materials, comprehensive and balanced amino acid supplement, is the key to improve the immunity of the human body.

4, promote the recovery after disease and operation

Branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) can speed up the patient's recovery.

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