N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine Fermented CAS 537-55-3

N- acetyl -L- tyrosine CAS 537-55-3 1、 What is N- acetyl -L- tyrosine? N- acetyl -L- tyrosine is a modified form of L- tyrosine, with active groups of acetyl, and this combination helps it directly into the blood, accelerate the bioavailability and absorption. 2、 How is N- acetyl -L- tyrosine...
Product description

N- acetyl -L- tyrosine CAS 537-55-3

Basic information

  • ◆ CAS No: 537-55-3

  • ◆ Function: Keeping Health and Promoting Growth

  • ◆ Shelf Life: 2 Years

  • ◆ MW: 223.23

  • ◆ MF: C13H19NO5

  • ◆ Transport Package: 25kg/Drum

  • ◆ Classification: Amino Acid

  • ◆ Purity: No less Than 99.0%

  • ◆ Capacity production: No less than 50 tons per month

  • ◆ Appearence: White Crystalline Power

  • ◆ Certifications: KOSHER, SGS, ISO

  • ◆ Enhanced quality: Authorized Third-Party Test per year

  • ◆ Non-GMO Statement, Allergen Assessment Statement, Gluten Free Statement, 

    Nutritional Dietary Data.

  • ◆ HS Code: 2924299090

  • ◆ Function:  protects the skin from harmful UV light rays; boosts one's mood,

    concentration, learning and memory;

1、 What is N- acetyl -L- tyrosine?

     N- acetyl -L- tyrosine is a modified form of L- tyrosine, with active groups of acetyl, and this combination helps it directly into the blood, accelerate the bioavailability and absorption.


    N- acetyl -L- tyrosine, CAS No. 537-55-3, is a kind of white powder, which is widely used for organic synthesis, nutritional supplements,  pharmaceutical intermediate, pharmaceutical raw material and pesticide intermediates.

     NALT exists in proteins that are part of signal transduction processes. It functions as a receiver of phosphate groups that are transferred by way of protein kinases (so-called receptor tyrosine kinases). Phosphorylation of the hydroxyl group changes the activity of the target protein. Research shows that it is a precursor to neurotransmitters and increasesplasma neurotransmitter levels (particularly dopamine and norepinephrine),but has little if any effect on mood. The effect on mood is more noticeable in humans subjected to stressful conditions.

2、 How is N- acetyl -L- tyrosine manufactured?

    Shandong Yangcheng Biotech Co. Ltd. ferments L-Tyrosine(CAS No. 60-18-4) from corn source, corn starch glucose.  And then N- acetyl -L- tyrosine is manufactured from fermented L-Tyrosine, which is called Non animal source NALT. Part of the ROS for N- acetyl -L- tyrosine is as followings.


3、What is N- acetyl -L- tyrosine used as?

     N- acetyl -L- tyrosine is an important component of the human body, and it provides a range of health benefits and promote the source of human health.

    It is of function of hypothyroidism, it can calm stress and anxiety,  remove harmful metals. And it has the effect of norepinephrine, and more importantly it can alleviate social anxiety.

4、Competitive advantage N- acetyl -L- tyrosine powder

4.1  Provide a seamless transition

  • After the PO is confirmed, the goods will be ready for shipment in 1~2 weeks for

    chartering space.

  • If it is necessary, pre ship sample for each batch of the goods will be mailed

    with the COA and SPCS.

  • After the test results are qualified by customers, the goods will be arranged for


  • All documents are provided within 1 week after shipment.

4.2  High quality with competitive price

  • Follwing ISO9001: 2008, we manufacture N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine and the purity is 99% min.

  • N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine we provided is from vegetable source, also called 

  • N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine Non  animal source or N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine fermented.

  • Quality standard: AJI92

  • N Acetyl L tyrosine Kosher: we have adopted Kosher certification for this product.

4.3  Safe and fast delivery

  • Safe and careful shipment: we cherish the results of labor of our staff, and we ship

    the goods careflly and make sure the goods are sent to you safely.

  • We have empathy for you and  we make sure that the goods can be sent out to you in

    24h after payment. And the tracking number is available.

4.4 Professional service

  • Solving customer problems as quickly as possible is our firm pursuit. 

  • You can contact us with any question you have at work time, we just here waiting

    for you.

  • The product in Shandong Yangcheng Biotech will remain high purity as you required

    and will never change.

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